420 Extracts Experience

Marijuana extracts and concentrates begin a new chapter in the life of cannabis.  My very first 420 extract experience came about because of this man. I thank him kindly. He sent bubble bags to review. I feel in love with him and the bubble scene. I owe the next chapter of my life to the Bubbleman. There’s nothing like good full melt ice hash you make yourself. I hope the Bubbleman is ok with this, my first run was some sugar leaf given to me for free. I watched the Bubbleman’s videos.


The Bubbleman and his full jar of love.

Making Ice Hash

From those videos came valuable information on making ice hash. I got a good four grams of beautiful ice hash on my first batch. Since then the learning curve takes me to fresh frozen grade AAA buds. Wow do you ever get more ice hash. The sugar leaf was good to learn on. The process created a cool euphoric feeling while making the ice hash. Seeing the enormous amounts, when using pure buds, for each grade permeates the brain. it’s a rush I can’t do without. I must make ice hash. Now I’m all over my friends for their sugar leaf. Like the Bubbleman, people seek me out to produce ice hash for them. I love this part of life.

420 Shatter Extracts

My first 420 shatter extract experience pictured below was fantastic. It was just like taking that first toke of marijuana when you were a fresh rookie back in the day. Love that old time brain warping feeling. Every bit as good as ice hash. Personal preference would be the only issue for any marijuana concentrate.


Trying marijuana shatter for the first time this very year. Better late than never.

Everyone who loves the 420 experience must try 420 extracts. Save your money, save your lungs, increase your health, enjoy life with marijuana concentrates.